If you are working with a traditional biller then you are using old risk tools.
Introducing Vendo’s new Artificially Intelligent Risk Tools.

Old tools v. New tools

The old rules were built for the old rules. With a 2% Visa limit you didn’t have to turn away too many shoppers. But at 1%? The old risk tools don’t work. They turn away too many shoppers. You can’t maintain your profitability. It’s scary.

That’s why Vendo began over three years ago to develop new artificially intelligent (AI) risk tools. We didn’t know the rules were going to change. We just wanted to let in more shoppers within the old limits.

Lucky timing. We’ve needed the time to test and tweak and improve our Risk AI. It’s working today. It’s stopping fewer shoppers while keeping you safe and profitable.

We’re partnering with you. We need you to succeed so we can grow together.

How do risk tools work?

If you are working with a traditional biller then you are using old risk tools. Their risk analysts and programmers try to identify fraud patterns and block shoppers.

There’s a problem. It doesn’t work that well. It blocks too many shoppers. It’s a paranoid approach. It sees enemies everywhere and overreacts by blocking too many shoppers.

AI is better

Artificial Intelligence is better than humans at very complicated pattern recognition.

Humans minds aren’t built for that. We’re not that good at it. It’s just a fact. AI beats humans at pricing, chess, driving cars safely, Go!, Jeopardy, diagnosing diseases, Google’s search, etc.

AI won. Old risk tools lost.


How many shoppers do you have to turn away or refund to follow the rules?

If you’re using the old risk tools then it is a lot. Maybe too many for your business to survive.